The most important thing when buying in Spain: LOCATION!

Feb 18, 2019

At Open Door, we know that there are many factors to consider when finding the perfect property: the price; the number of bedrooms; whether you want a new-build or an older home; upkeep costs.


We shared a list of six questions that we ask our clients to help focus their search and shared some extra considerations in our last blog. However, there is one factor that outweighs them all… the location.


Spain is a big, beautiful and diverse country, with surprisingly large differences between regions. Each area of Spain has its own distinct scenery, climate and culture; so unlike the general idea in mind not everywhere is always warm or near the beach.

We love to share some important points to consider when choosing where to invest in property overseas:


1. Climate

It’s not beach weather all year round in every part of Spain. In fact, there are many areas which are getting cold in winter. Snow can typically be found less than an hour’s drive from Madrid!

Beside the cold, we advise you to think about how hot you can handle the summer months. In general, the south of Spain will reach temperatures +40 degrees easily in summer where up north these temperatures will be more likely around +30 degrees.

Our favorite areas Alicante and Valencia have a soft climate with warm summers and soft winters. You can easily enjoy a glass of Sangria at the terrace during winter. Think carefully about how you would cope with extreme weather conditions.


2. Living costs

In many parts of Spain, the cost of living is considerably cheaper than in other European countries. This is reflected in local salaries which can make Spain an interesting place to start a business. But some touristy areas or cities are comparable in cost or even more expensive than in the UK, France, Sweden or Dubai. So if budget is a factor, do a little homework online.


3. Culture

The number of expats in Spain has created ‘international hubs’ focused around a few prominent cities and beach resorts where services are mainly offered in English. For some of our clients, this is a bonus and means that they can start a new life abroad while retaining some of the comforts of living at home.

Others are looking for a more authentic experience and look forward to living with Spanish neighbours, learning a new language and integrating with Spanish culture. 

In most cities you can find both and live in both worlds at the same time (or in one of them of course :)). 

There’s no right or wrong choice but it’s important to consider what is the best fit for you. You’re potentially facing a big lifestyle change so don’t rush… we don’t want to be helping you leave Spain almost as quickly as you arrived!


4. Your lifestyle

The diversity of Spain means that there really is something for everyone! It’s useful, therefore, to think in advance about which areas are most suited to your lifestyle.

Are you moving as a family, young professional or looking with an investors eye? Alicante is known for it's Spanish and laid-back culture, Barcelona and Madrid are known to be vibrating cities and upcoming Valencia has a mix of both. The more touristy areas are mainly found next to the coast, the Costa Blanca is popular among the Dutch for example and at the island groups like the Canaries or the Baleares. 


Does this help you to make a choice in the location you would consider? 


For any queries on specific areas, our team is always happy to help. You can contact our Open Door offices directly by email or phone any time.