Should you leave viewings to the agent?

Aug 30, 2017

When you’re selling a property, do you always attend the viewings?

If so, it’s only natural – it’s your home and you understandably want to gauge the opinion(s) of potential buyer(s). But is this the best thing for your property sale? Possibly not!

Consider each of the following:

1. Could you be off-putting? If you were looking around a home, would you want the sellers on your heels? Or would it make you feel awkward? Buyers need to feel comfortable as they look around a potential home so if you are present, make sure that you give them plenty of space. They need to feel able to explore and talk about the property freely, without fear of causing offence.

2. Are you too chatty? If you were looking around a home, would you want to talk to the agent or seller? Or would you prefer to view in peace and quiet? Less is sometimes more when it comes to a sale so if you are present, allow conversations to be mainly buyer-led.

3. Finally, are you good at hiding your feelings? As a vendor, it’s only natural to bring emotions into the sale process and feel rejected if viewer feedback is negative. If you conduct a viewing, remember – emotions and property sales don’t (and shouldn’t) mix. And if you find that they are, it would be much better for the agent to perform viewings alone.

If you want to be at home while viewings are taking place, we recommend sitting in the garden or another room while potential buyers look around. This means that you’re around to answer questions about personal aspects of living at the property, while also maintaining your distance.

And if you hear any negative comments about the property, remember: hold your tongue, resist jumping on the defence, and view it as something to improve before the next viewing.

Speak soon!