Our top 5 tips to keep your agent onside

Sep 13, 2017

Good communication between you and your agent is vital when your house is on the market.  Without good communication, there can be no trust. And without trust, the likelihood of success is very low. 

So here are our top five tips to keep your agent onside:

1. Agree a communication schedule before you launch your home to the market. This isn’t about when your agent should call to arrange viewings and/or to give feedback; it’s an agreement about the frequency of general updates and contact. Outlining your expectations upfront will help both parties understand what “good” looks like.

2. Keep your communication positive. If your agent feels that they are always being told off, they are less likely to pick up the phone to you. If you remain cooperative, they’ll look forward to speaking to you and will be happy to make regular calls, even if there’s nothing concrete to report.

3. If you’re near your agent’s office, pop in. If they offer to make you a cup of tea, even better. Take the time to get to know staff in the office so that you and your property are front of mind when they next receive a suitable enquiry.

4. Ask for advice. Lots of sellers do this but they don’t always listen to their agent’s suggestions.  If you genuinely listen and show that you value your agent’s input, they will normally be more proactive and feel comfortable discussing any issues with you.

5. Finally, share your plans. If your agent knows how important your planned sale is, they are more likely to feel personally invested in your move. This, in turn, increases the chances of them doing a good job and should result in a quicker selling time.