Mastering Rightmove: Image is everything

Apr 16, 2018

In mid-2016 Rightmove changed its approach to property advertising; a conventional listing now has TWO main pictures. So it’s no use having one good picture followed by a creaking garden shed – BOTH your front pictures need to be eye-catching and appeal to potential buyers.

So here’s an idea – log onto Rightmove now, take a look at your summary photographs and try to apply a critical eye. What do they say to you? Do they accurately represent the rest of your property? Are they enticing enough for a potential buyer to click through?

What sort of photographs work?

We’ve used lots of different strategies in the past to improve the clickthrough rate on a property. We’ve found that one front shot and a kitchen shot works particularly well as the kitchen is often the central hub of the house.

For the same reason, lounges are also quite popular front shots, as are images of front doors and gardens which can entice browsers to click for more information. “Lifestyle” images can also work really well such as a dining or patio table set up for a spectacular meal.

Try to be creative with your front images and focus on the key selling points of your property so that buyers won’t be able to resist clicking on your advert. You’re probably one of over million listings on Rightmove RIGHT NOW – so do what you can to stand out from the crowd.

Out with the old…

You should also rotate your pictures regularly to keep your listing fresh. Nothing is more off-putting to a buyer than seeing the same images on the same listing every time that they log-on. It’s a sure-fire way of being ignored and getting a low clickthrough rate.

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